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Hasselquist's Freeroll List was launched online in 2006 and has been a leading source for poker related discussion and subject relevant information ever since. The site has accumulated a total of around 5000 registered member profiles, where the most part is in Europe & United States.

The idea of this meetup place is to find a relevant source of information for skilled online poker players that want to develop their skills on further. They may find information about online play strategy, share tournament results, brag over wins and cry over losses. The concept is to create a live and vivid meetup place where internet surfers living in the poker era may gain cruzial information and feel a creative and inspiring atmosphere, that encourages the idea of sharing wisdom, skills and experiences with other fellow returning website visitors, on the same forum website.

Poker play is not only about winning money. An important part is the cultural idea of meeting up with other people, gaining new friends and foes, and most importantly having a great deal of fun, really enjoying you life.

An important part of the idea of taking part of the poker forum of Hasselquist's Freeroll List is the concepts of contribution and share-alike, where each member can contribute, gain respect and friendship from fellow forum members, and also share what others have contributed, creating an increased end value for all website forum contributors, and providing the opportunitity to new personal and group relationships.

The name Hasselquist's Freeroll List originates from the business idea of providing lists of online poker tournaments, where you can play free-of-chare and yet win money, aka freeroll tournaments. Hasselquist's Freeroll List was very focused on providing this business concept for several years, and the name still stays as an important milestone, marking the sites history and concept. Hasselquist's Freeroll List has previously hosted online poker freeroll tournaments with several well-known and accepted online poker brands.

Hasselquist's Freeroll List encourages freedom of play including responsibility, meaning that all members are encouraged to have proper bankroll management. While ups and downs can be part of the game of Texas Hold'em and other game types of poker, players should strive to maintain means to limit potential losses. For example never bet money you cannot afford to loose, and if you find an online poker software with bankroll limits, such as max amounts of deposits per week or month, make sure to use this. If you are a completely new player you can practice by playing with not real-money, before betting for real.



While general advice on how to play online poker can be found and is contributed to on this website, Hasselquist's Freeroll List takes no direct responsibility what so ever, and cannot be held reliable, on losses or damages caused by using this website or taking part in online gambling.



Hasselquist's Freeroll List is fully owned and operated by a private company, with main office in Stockholm, Sweden. You are welcome to contact the company by registering and making a post or sending a message to an administrator on the website forum.



Hasselquist's Freeroll List will continue to pursue and being a world-class and leading online website meetup place in the European and United States market. The target audience is online poker players and gamblers, that enjoy having a meetup place before, during and after online poker games.